One of the greatest highlights in the historical backdrop of 3D design was the fifth period of computer game consoles, which was known for its critical part in the computer game industry’s huge step from 2D PC illustrations to 3D PC representation.


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Ed Catmull, co-founders of Pixar Animation Studios,

will be one of the first people who introduce us to:

Texture Mapping, Anti-aliasing, Subdivision Surfaces, Z-Buffering.


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(“CS 809 – Antialiasing”)


An American researcher, Ivan got the Turing Award in 1988 for the innovation of “Sketchpad” (which he really developed as far back as 1962), a cushion that empowered the client to draw a realistic onto the PC’s screen by means of a pad and light pen. In the vicinity of 1968 and 1974, Ivan was a teacher at the University of Utah, where he had some somewhat prominent understudies:

Alan Kay – designer of the Smalltalk dialect;

Henri Gouraud – maker of the Gouraud shading system;

Straight to the point Crow – designer of a few antialiasing techniques;



a PC representation researcher who is both the fellow benefactor of Pixar, and additionally being leader of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.


(Kreis, 2015)


Ed was one of the prime supporters of Pixar and is right now the leader of both Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. Ed had dreams of turning into an artist, yet rather picked to end up distinctly a PC researcher and physicist. Amid his time at the University of Utah, Ed made two key revelations, that of surface mapping and bicubic patches. Ed additionally created calculations for spatial hostile to associating and refining subdivision surfaces. Ed additionally happened to find Z-buffering, despite the fact that it had been specified in a before proposition by another researcher.

Ed’s first immediate commitment to the film business was with his work on the film ‘Futureworld’, the principal film to utilize 3D PC illustrations. The succession in the film (which included a PC enlivened hand), was later chosen for conservation in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

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(2 story house Clipart | ClipArtHut – free Clipart, 2017)

A vivified film from 1995, Toy Story tells the story of a gathering of toys who must manage a change that is realized by the landing of a gaudy new toy. Toy Story would turn into the primary completely PC enlivened full length film, and in spite of the fact that generation was damaged by an absence of confidence in the film from Disney executives, it would go ahead to do well both monetarily and basically.


Modeling the treasure chest started out pretty easy, started with a box added a few connects made the curve and carried on but the time i started facing was one when i had to add the details i felt as my box isn’t symmetrical where its suppose to be and also had a few loose planse which were 3 sided and of no use.


This was the sketch of my treasure chest, the problem was that there were too many ploygon, so many that i lost tack of the 3 sided polygons, which i started to fix once i realise, another problem that  faced was when i was extruding some of the planes to give the metal effect i extruded it in such a way that i didnt realise that the loop was breaking in between because of which i had to face a little problem when i had to detach the lid, but i used the cut tool to complete the loop.

the last and the most time consuming problem was the chamfer, as soon as i chanphered so many 3 sided polygons can again that it was hard to even know where it is so instead of chamfering too many edges at once i started chamfering one at a time to keep track.



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