lighting as you can get an idea from the name is the refers to the controlling of different lights in a scene or shots it is an important aspect of the piepline, i think every single step of pipeline has its own importance and the model looks incomplete if any of the aspects are missing, light adds character to the animation or model. for lighting we used the 3 point lighting system which means there are 3 sources of light from different directions that are:

  • rim light
  • fill light
  • key light


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the lights have to set up in such a way that the light spreads properly and creates depth with it.


Animation was i guess one of the most difficult but also the most interesting part of the whole project, here we can decide how we want our final animation to look like, this is where we use our storyboard (i.e. the frame and angle of the camera and whats going to be in the frame)

so since we have a treasure chest and the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of animating it is to lower it from out of the frame make it hit the ground stumble a little then open the top and out comes the coins, so i dodnt want to do that as i dont like using the first ideas that come to mind, i did a little research and decided to start from a zoomed in angle this is when i decided that i want a lock on my treasure chest that opens and then my treasure chest opens, so i made a story board but left the camera setting for the end and started my animation.

first scrne is the lock opening and the cheat getting unlocked, then the top opens has a little bump and then stays open, after that it starts shaking a little like something is about to happen and starts levitating in air and shakes again and out comes the coins. In the end it closes back and goes to the ground.

Now since its my first time animating i started with my lock then made the top open, it was later when i realised that my lock and lock holder isn’t going up with the lid which it should so deleted that animation and this happened quite a few times till i fimally got a hang of it and realised once i have grouped an object i cannot ungroup it and move it as a separate objectS once it will mess up the group animation thats why in the end i wasn;t able to lock the chest again. moving on, i animated my top and bottom separately first and then made it into a group and animated the rest, but because i needed my lid to close in the end as a separate object i animated the opening and the closing part then made the group.


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