For our second trimester we are assigned to design a website for our imaginary clients, we were given a few options each with a little description and a target audience.

I chose the one with the Fusion night club, now because i wanted my assignment to reflect more about me and be different from others i changed the name of my club and called it “Mirrors”, why i call it mirror is because i feel like thats how my personality is very open to everyone reflecting a little bit about everyone and their stories feeling the joy or pain of whoevers with me while at the same being fragile.

Here are a few images i used for my inspiration

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(“13 Amazing Ideas How to Reuse Your Broken Mirror”, 2017)

(Template, & Budiyanto, 2017)

(“Travel | Travel: 5 of the best luxury business hotels | Magazine | NET-A-PORTER.COM”, 2017)

(Faisal, 2017)


So the first thing we had to do was to make a prototype that we did using indesign and photoshop and made an interactive pdf. so for this i started my work by planning about a few things like:

  • layout, template
  • color scheme
  • fonts

These 3 things are the most impactful when designing anything i believe another thing which was on my first priority list was the logo.

Logo design is usually my favorite part since you have alot of choices and you can simply go crazy and design something that you like at the same time that reflects your company or brand.


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