For our prototype we used indesign, indesign has so many features i had no clue about, this was a very exciting part for me and i learned alot of new things so from this blog onwards my blog is going to be a blog+tutorial for 1, how to design a logo in photoshop, 2, how to make the masterfile of the layout in photoshop and 3, how to make an interactive pdf in indesign.

Basically anyone who knows the basics of photoshop knows the basics of indesign because their primary features are very similiar although you cannot do alot of designing there since it it restricted to a few features, so you can design your website on photoshop and then transfer it to indesign

Start by a color scheme, you can go to the following website

and choose any color and options for color schemes will show up, download your favorite one thats how i did it and heres my palette:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.32.22 PM

(“Paletton – The Color Scheme Designer”, 2017)

Then you choose a layout for us we are using a 960 grid which the most appropriate to use for webdesign. here is the link to a website that explain how exactly to follow the 960 grid and why its appropriate for web design.


(“The 960 Grid System Made Easy”, 2017)(“Design a Clean Web Layout with the 960 Grid | Tutorial9”, 2017)

But before i start my tutorial i will just talk a little bit about my design and what i was aiming for. Which will be in the following blog so stay tunedddd….


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