To start your layout in photoshop the first thing you design is your logo, now my club name as I mentioned above is mirrors so I want some thing that has a reflection maybe but for the logo itself I I just wont typography, so I downloaded a few fonts and wrote mirrors on photoshop, the fonts I downloaded are

  • Evil bunny (top)
  • Parley (centre)
  • Bible regular (bottom)

Here are a few websites from where you can download these and many other fonts:

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.03.04 AM.png

(“Creating and Applying Master Pages in Adobe InDesign”, 2017)


I like the centre one the most so as it was my initial inspiration


I will go ahead with it, I tried using capital letter for “M”and small for the rest but it doesn’t look the way I want it to, now since I want a reflection I am going to first finally my font size color and everything, since my color scheme is as  follows ,


Along with shades of white and black so I will keep my main text white. once that is done I will replication it and flip it vertically.


Now I have a reflection but it doesn’t look like a reflection, so I lower the opacity of the lower one


and added the green color to match my theme, but still doesn’t fell like a reflection, not as much as I want it to

so I added a gradient to give a shine and more of a reflection idea


gradient icon in the toolbar



Here is a short video which explains further on how to put gradient if you are still not sure how to do it

(“Photoshop Tutorial- How To Create A Gradient Color Of Background”, 2017)

We can try adding drop shadow or glow but I would prefer not to in this design as the reflection is already giving a shadow effect.

The final logo on different backgrounds.



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