Now since we are done with our logo we will start with our template, this is where we decide which of the templates we sketched we want to go ahead with and I want to go ahead with this one, keeping my color scheme on my mind I am going with a black and white picture as it will look better with the green color scheme, for the website we need only 1 master page from which we can drive more pages by making a few layers visible or invisible depending on the need.

In this blog i will be giving a tutorial on how i created a png image of the following image to insert in my template

This is the image I chose,


(2 – Regency blog”, 2017)

The image was originally colored but I photoshopped it to black and white to go with the color scheme further editing the colors to what I want.


However, I don’t want the image to be just a normal image so I am going to play a little with negative space clipping mask,

First we will make the shape we want, for me they are a series of rectangles at an angle different lengths but equal width and separated by the same distance.(Ignore the fill color)

I place my image under the rectangles lower the opacity of the rectangles and decide where I need to place the image so I can clip it accordingly, once I have decided my exact place I will select the magic wand tool  and highlight the rectangles, once highlighted I will go to the image layer and click on make clipping mask and there we go.

And here we are:


Here is a small video tutorial on how to do clipping mask if you are still confused aout it, clipping mask is one of most useful tools in photoshop.

(“Clipping Mask – Photoshop CS6 Tutorial”, 2017)


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