To move forward with my master page all I do is use the same rectangles and fill them with my color scheme green shades and palce it on the other corner of the artboard.

To fill the rectangles I use the Paint bucket tool from the tool bar.

The next step is to place the logo, I am placing my logo in the top right corner because I think it is most suitable there because of the empty space.

The problem we need to fix is that the logos reflection isn’t as prominent as I want it to be so I will add a slight gradient of black from the right and of green from the bottom in the background,

Also I downloaded a background pattern from

Which I will use In the background which I layed in a separate layer by pattern overlay.


The layout after the above steps

One last step, I am still not satisfied with how my logo isn’t very prominent so I will simply add a rectangle below it with a gradient and heres the final master page layout.

Since we will also be using this page for our background for all the pages the home page will be like the one above while the others will have less opacity of the rectangles with the image so the text and other images are more prominent.