This course has been one of the hardest courses i have done, and when you start it looks easy but trust me it is wayyyy harder than it looks, so this time i planned on doing a little everyday rather than doing alot on the last few days.

Since we now know what pre -production and 3d modeling is i will directly move on towards the documentation.

the first thing we did was choose the blueprints for our tank, the one which we are going to model so i downloaded the blue prints and since we are using blue prints e dont need to make any sketches. the following is the blueprint of my model.

B1 Centauro [LIMITED to 500px] (1)

B1 Centauro [LIMITED to 500px] (1).jpg

The modeling started of pretty well, i started from a plane and outlined the tank first and then extruded it so i got the basic shape pretty easily, but the shape of my tank towards the tires is a little different as you can see, it is like that of a car usually has, but because its a curve it means ill have to put alot of connects to make each curved kind of a shade which means alot of polygons, in the begining i was trying to look for a way through which i wont have to do it by adding more connect but inthe end i figured that there is no otherway so i did it normally.

This time instead of building the whole model i made half of it and planned on using the symmetry tool in the end since its pretty symmetrical through the x axis if you look from the front view.

now the basic shape was pretty easy to make from the side but then when i looked from thr top and front it looked like a box and really really bad, not realistic at all so i started to change it but i kept messing it up so i decided to make its shooting thingy (gun,i dont know what its called) that was pretty easy just a cylinder a little extruding a little inset and we are done and got back to the shape, i managed to make it look a little bit like the tank as much as i could, after that i started looking at the details of the tank but since it is a small picture it was pixelation to uch for me to understand and model anything so i moved on to the tires, although tires are pretty easy but i made mine like 3 times from scratch as i would mess up one thing or the other.

this is my last assignment for 3d modeling and i learned a lot but the mot important thing that i learned is that animation needs alot of patience and dedication, i am all up for dedication but i am not a patient person and it bothers me when my work is incomplete and i can’t finish it however doing my assignment for 3d modeling i got so exhausted that i couldn’t complete it in one go, people using 3ds max for a while may get use to it but as it was my first time it was very challenging for me, and i am sure it is for everyone at first but they get used to it however 3d is not my main focus as i am a graphic design student not animation student so i guess its okay, at this point i am not even sure if i will be using 3ds max ever again in my life but i don’t want to forget the techniques i learned so lets just hope for the best.