unwrapping has always been the most important part of animation and the most difficult one, if unwrapping isn’t done right the whole modeling goes to waste, as the model does not look realistic.

The unwrapping of the tank was not very difficult but very time consuming, this part took me the longest time in the whole assignment i started off with the body, ewe were suppose to first select the portion we want to unwrap then open the uvw unwrap open the uv editor, click on platform ( or whatever the shape is) and select the axis then pelt and then relax, this part was the easy part the difficult part came in when we had to stitch it back together to its respective corners, as they may be scattered all over the uvw map. so instead of pelting i decided to do the box mapping for the tanks body after working on it for an hour i realised that its just not going to work so i went back to pelting and managed to complete it. I unwrapped the tank selecting one part at a time of the tank and stitching it to the rest, this took the most time in the whole assignment, however the texture of the tire wasn’t very difficult but i didn’t using pelting for the unwrapping of the tire instead used point to point seam and peeled it, it took a while to get the final proper unwrap but still way better than the tank, since my model had 8 tires so after i textured the tires my model looked half complete.

Texturing is still way easier than the unwrapping, one the unwrapping is done and done right the texturing doesn’t take time at all all you have to do is export the unwrap as a targa file(32 bit) open it in photoshop add the textures play with the contrast a little and export back as a targa file (24 bit) click  “m” on 3ds max that opens the tab wheere you can add texture, click on the diffuse map and add the texture you have mad, after which you drag and drop that texture to the specific part of the model whos unwrap you have used to make this texture and then just check if everything is okay. if everything is we have to go back to photoshop and repeat the steps after that again.

For the texture i used a rusted metal texture image and took it on photoshop the most difficult part for me was that i didn’t have photoshop and 3ds max on the same computer so i had to kept going back and forth. The image I used for texturing was an hd image but one thing i couldn’t figure out was the picture kept pixelating. no matter what i do, i made the image big to fit the tank, i made the image small and made lots of repetitions and i kept it medium and made repetition but no matter what i did it would pixelate, so in the end i made it smaller and made a lot of repetitions as that made it least pixelated.

Every time i do my animation assignment it gets me thinking how people do animated movies, comparing how much time it takes me to just model one object, unwrap, texture, add lights and everything how much time and energy it would take them to do proper animated scenes, my respect for animators is more than ever at this point in life as now i have a little idea of what they have to do and how hard it is.